Gigantor X was the second Community Build robot finished 9 February 2009.
Gigantor X Community Build Awards were given out on 13 February 2009.


Parts That Were Required To BuildEdit

Part Name Quantity Needed
Chip Control Processor 400,000
Blackbox Mysterious Black Box 20
Scrapmetal Scrap Metal 2,500,000
Alloy Alloy Plating 500,000
Canon Cannon 4,000
Vacuum Vacuum Chamber 2,000
Fusiongenerator Fusion Generator 3,000
Alloy Titanium Plating 12,000
Fuel Fuel 60,000
Alloy Metal Carapace 25,000
Alloy Gamma Shielding 5,000
Chip Neural-Diode CPU 50
Metalwheeldense Segmented Exofiber 1,500
Crimsonlens Crimson Lens 50
Chip Beowulf Cluster 150

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