Congrats to all for building "Gigantor X"! =)

Below are a listing of rewards. As long as you participated, you at least got something cool! :)

1. ALL builders received a "Help Build Gigantor X" badge!

2. Builders that contributed $2,000 or more worth of items to Gigantor X received an "Electrolytic Capacitor" which provides +10 maximum energy!

3. LUCKY Builders that contributed a "Mysterious Black Box" to Gigantor X received the "Gigantor Core", which includes:

+15% to Salvage Power Supplies +5 Maximum Energy +1 Energy per turn

4. CRAZY Builders that contributed $100,000 or more worth of items to Gigantor X received a special "Top Gigantor X Builder" Badge AND Tokens.

Thanks to all for participating in a GREAT build!

"Mysterious Black Box" Contributors!

Inge Johansson

Matthew Urso

Nagy István Andor

Peter Chapman

Colin Hinz

Russ Critchley

Hazel Thomas

Shannon Anne Johnson Larson

Lynx Lee

Dave Benhart

Fidel Lopez Aliouchkin

Guy Pauwels

Chinh Pham

Bobi Varlov

Audra Smith

Dean Hanson

Zeke Lee

Jane Hamill

Farris South

Justin Gura

CRAZY Builders (contributed $100,000+)


1. Jared Downward 150 Tokens

2. Polystrofos Idiofiius 100 Tokens

3. Jomel Gamba 60 Tokens

And 25 Tokens for each of the following!

Steve Wolf

David Bowe

Fidel Lopez Aliouchkin

Steven Yzs

J.J. Robertson

Nathan R Clements

Andy Parker

Anıl Güler

Tammy Blizzard

Mark Gearing

Sean A Bilodeau

Alison Niblett Mazerall


Stephen Blizzard

Chris Dillinger

Trevor Scranton

Bobi Varlov

Michael Robbins

Alan Mo

Irina Vazaiou

Tim Cheng

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