Past NewsflashesEdit

17 June 2009

Newsflash: Check out the latest Robots to hit Robotico: the Warhawks!

11 June 2009

Newsflash: We've updated Robot Builder's Salvaging Gear system. Read more here!

6 June 2009

Newsflash: We've made several updates. Read more here!

21 May 2009:

Newsflash: Visit the Robotico Museum to see some familiar Robots!

11 May 2009:
Newsflash: Robot Command has just released the new The Ancient Ones Robots! New salvage location is open: Center of Planet Robotico!!!

13 April 2009:
Newsflash: Robot Command has just released the new Dreamboat! Build them now and discover the Bubble Baron's Robotic secrets!

15 March 2009:
Newsflash: Robot Command has just released a new Transitron: Monochron! Check it out now, and see where it leads...

13 February 2009:
Newsflash: Robot Command has issued a new Robot Builder Tutoring Program!

Players can now earn 10 Robot Tokens for teaching a friend, who recieves 8 Robot Tokens, how to play Robot Builder.

5 March 2009:
Newsflash: The Badlands Portal rumbles...

A new Salvage area and corresponding Factory area was revealed (with Portal Key).

19 February 2009:
Robot Command will be removing the Robot Token referral reward on Friday, Feb 20th.

Robot Tokens were previously rewarded to users who enlisted friends who joined through the URL link provided for friending.

13 February 2009:
Gigantor X has revealed the new the Ruins of the Megalons!

9 February 2009:
Gigantor X is complete.

7 February 2009:
Robot Command has removed the remains of the Mountain Giant from the arena, and has opened it for public salvage. In addition, Robot Command has issued orders to rebuild Gigantor.

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