Salvaging Gear provides bonuses to various stats depending on what item(s) you have equipped. As of 11 January 2009, you all gear you have purchased will be simultaneously equipped. Once you have purchased an item you have it permanently. Gear can be purchased with money or Robot Tokens, depending on the specific equipment, and may have a level requirement.

Standard GearEdit

Name Cost Level
Electrolytic Capacitor Donating more than $2000 worth of items
to the construction of Gigantor X
None +10 bonus to maximum energy
Metal Detector $50,000 None +40% bonus to Salvaging Metals
Capacitor $50,000 None +5 Maximum Energy
Gigantor Core Donating a Mysterious Black Box to
the construction of Gigantor X.
None +15% to Salvage Power Supplies
+5 Maximum Energy
+1 Energy Recharge per turn
Aux Hunter $150,000 Lv. 2 +40% to Salvage Auxiliary
Optical Detection System $150,000 Lv. 3 +40% to Salvage Optics
Silicon Collector 20 Robot Tokens Lv. 4 +40% to Salvage microchips
Master Salvager $10,000 Lv. 4 +20% to Salvage all
Biosynthesis Engine 25 Robot Tokens Lv. 5 +40% to Salvage Biosynthetics
Philosopher Chamber 50 Robot Tokens Lv. 6 +30% to Salvage Unique
Electron Crystalizer 30 Robot Tokens Lv. 7 +10 Maximum Energy
Flux Cell 50 Robot Tokens Lv. 8 +1 Energy Recharge per turn
Master Salvager II $20,000 Lv. 8 +20% to Salvage all
Gravimetric Display 30 Robot Tokens Lv. 9 +40% to Salvage power supplies
A.I. Motherboard 25 Robot Tokens Lv. 10 +40% to Salvage Metals
Compression Device 25 Robot Tokens Lv. 11 +40% to Salvage Auxiliary
Master Salvager III $40,000 Lv. 12 +20% to Salvage all
Flux Inductor 50 Robot Tokens Lv. 12 +1 Energy Recharge per turn

Referral Rewards: Limited Time GearEdit

This gear is only available for a limited time.

Name Referral
Megalon Capacitor 2 Referrals +10 Maximum Energy
Leonidas Chip 5 Referrals +25% to Salvaging Microchips
+5 Maximum Energy
Quad Charger 8 Referrals +25% to Salvaging Optics
+5 Maximum Energy
Ion Core 12 Referrals +10% to Salvage All
Tachyon Coil 16 Referrals +5 Maximum Energy
+1 Energy per turn
Hadron Core 20 Referrals +10% to Salvaging All
+5 Maximum Energy

Current Gear TotalsEdit

Grand Totals

+80% to Salvaging Metals
+55% to Salvage Power Supplies
+80% to Salvage Auxiliary
+65% to Salvage Optics
+40% to Salvage Biosynthetics
+30% to Salvage Unique
+65% to Salvaging Microchips
+80% to Salvaging All
+4 Energy Recharge per turn
+60 Maximum Energy

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