The Space Station is a location you cannot access or even see at the start of the game. You must build the robot Saturn X to be granted access to the location.

The Space Station has a medium cost and medium energy usage per salvage.

Space Station (Psych Ward)Edit

Chip red Lack of Self Control Processor Very Rare

Space Station (Hangar)Edit

Coolant Coolant Common
Fuel Fuel Abundant
Hardalloy Thermal Shielding Uncommon

Space Station (Engineering Bay)Edit

Vacuum Turing Coil Hidden
Coolant Coolant Abundant
Fuel Fuel Common
Alloy green Reflective Plating Common

Space Station (Command)Edit

Lens orange Solar Lens Rare
Alloy green Reflective Plating Abundant
Vacuum Vacuum Chamber Rare

Space Station (Premium)Edit

Vacuum Turing Coil Very Rare
Hardalloy Thermal Shielding Uncommon
Lens orange Solar Lens Rare
Vacuum Vacuum Chamber Rare
Chip red Lack of Self Control Processor Rare
Alloy green Reflective Plating Very Abundant

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